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A Framework for Reducing Place-Based Inequity

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    Stephen Goldsmith, Khahlil Louisy
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Research summary

In the spring of 2023, the Data-Smart City Solutions team at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) hosted 30 large-city chiefs of staff at the school, and asked whether their cities’ chief equity officers would be interested in joining a community of practice. In just the first week, more than half of the chiefs of staff answered affirmatively, enthusiastic about the chance to share the community of practice value with their colleagues. Their overwhelming positive response illustrates how much has changed. Five years ago, the position of chief equity officer barely existed. Yet, at the same time, not enough has changed. As cities wrestle with the implications of race and equity and as chief equity officers move to establish themselves inside city and governmental structures, the focus must now turn to the hard work of effecting meaningful change.

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