Mayor Michelle Wu of Boston, MA discusses important city work with fellow mayors and senior leaders at an outdoor summer event at Bloomberg Headquarters in New York, New York.

Equipping city leaders around the world

Who we are

Founded in 2021 with Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Bloomberg Center for Cities at Harvard University serves a global community committed to improving public management, leadership, and governance. The center’s cross-Harvard collaboration unites expertise focused on cities across disciplines and schools to produce research, train leaders, and develop resources for global use.

The center is designed to have practical impact on the future of cities, where more than half of the world’s people now live, by informing and inspiring local government leaders, scholars, students, and others who work to improve the lives of residents around the world.

Catalyzing improvements in cities and the lives of city residents

A professor speaks to a class of city leaders.

Executive Education

We deliver executive education for mayors, senior officials, and local leaders, helping them make city halls more effective, efficient, equitable, responsive, and accountable.

Harvard faculty member, Kimberlyn Leary, writes data on a blackboard of a classroom

Multidisciplinary Research

We pursue multidisciplinary academic research to generate practical knowledge and tools, launching ideas and insights into the world.

Management and Leadership Tools and Resources

We communicate and promote action-inspiring, data-driven trainings, tools, and resources at no cost to people around the world who want to become better managers and leaders.

Female student speaks up in classroom discussion

Student Learning and Growth

We create opportunities for students to work with city leaders on priority projects, gaining experience in local government and honing their analytical and leadership skills.

Chiefs of staff convene at the Project on Municipal Innovation at Harvard, March 2023.

Convenings to Exchange Knowledge

We host virtual and in-person convenings, connecting city government leaders, scholars, students, and others who come to learn and share insights, promoting the broad exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Global Impact

The Bloomberg Center for Cities reflects our ongoing commitment to cities and our belief in their ability to drive change around the world. Michael R. Bloomberg
108th mayor of NYC and founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies
Portrait of Mike Bloomberg
Enormous opportunities to interact with peers from all corners of the world and learn from each other. Mayor Carolina Mejía
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Mayor Carolina Mejía of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic poses for a photo while signing a document at her desk
A unique chance to be part of a global network that helps us improve the cities we have the privilege to lead. Mayor Erion Veliaj
Tirana, Albania
Mayor Erion Veliaj of Tirana, Albania poses for a formal photo
When you become a mayor, no one hands you a playbook about how to do it and do it well. You’ve not only developed our skills but built a community. Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird
Lincoln, Nebraska
Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird of Lincoln, Nebraska poses for a professional photo

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