Process Mapping Summer Associate

Project Description:

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership offers unique and exciting programming for mayors and city leaders. Designing these programs requires a highly collaborative process, drawing on content expertise, leadership and management skills, new content development, and event planning, all rooted in a deep understanding and love of cities and the public servants who work in city hall.

This collaborative process necessitates multiple departments to work together effectively and efficiently. We aim to gain a better understanding of our current processes and to enhance communication and understanding across the organization. We also seek to continually improve our program development process using our experience and research-based best-practices.

The summer associate will create process maps for various iterations of our program development process. This involves understanding the activities involved, determining sequences and steps, and developing a flowchart with symbols to visually map the process. TheĀ  associate will conduct research to understand best practices in the program development process to identify opportunities for program improvement, coordinate a process to gather feedback on the process maps and iterate with support from the program director. Finally, the summer associate will conclude their work by offering their thoughts and recommendations on how to improve processes going forward.


Tasks and Deliverables:
  • Engage in activities to flesh out current program development processes.
  • Determine and sequence the steps and roles involved.
  • Create process map representing visually the steps and roles.
  • Conduct best practice research for program development to identify program improvement opportunities.
  • Coordinate feedback and iteration process to update expected process with corrections and new innovations.
  • Develop 2-page report with recommendations for our ongoing process improvement efforts.


Desired Qualifications and Experience:
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage time independently
  • Ability to organize and present complex information in a clear and compelling format
  • Analytic thinking with ability to discern trends and patterns
  • Ability to craft a story based on data


Compensation: $21-$25/hour

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