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Directed by Professor Stephen Goldsmith, Data-Smart City Solutions is working to catalyze adoption of data projects on the local government level by serving as a central resource for cities interested in this emerging field.

Data-Smart City Solutions highlights best practices, top innovators, and promising case studies while also connecting leading industry, academic, and government officials. Data-Smart City Solutions seeks to promote the combination of integrated, cross-agency data with community data to better discover and preemptively address civic problems.

Read Professor Stephen Goldsmith’s regular columns in Governing and Government Technology. His most recent book, “Growing Fairly: How to Build Opportunity and Equity in Workforce Development,” was released in February 2022.

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The Data-Smart City Pod

New Paper on Innovation

Infrastructure Innovation Summit

The Data-Smart City Pod

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City Data Conversations

As the central resource for cities on the intersection of government, data, and innovation, the Data-Smart City Pod features leaders and experts in governance, innovation, and research. Subscribe and listen to interviews that offer new ways of thinking about data, equity, resiliency, and identity.


We bring on top innovators and experts to discuss the future of cities and how to become data smart. Prof. Stephen Goldsmith
Derek Bok Professor of the Practice of Urban Policy and the Director of Data-Smart City Solutions

New Paper on Innovation

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Mexico City Digital Agency for Public Innovation

Our latest paper details the innovative work from Agencia Digital de Innovación Pública that promotes inclusion, connectivity, equity, and cross-sector data sharing and collaboration.

When we talk about innovation and citizens’ rights in Mexico City, we’re talking about using cutting-edge technology to bring education, connectivity, and security closer to everyday life while fostering a government that is honest and free of corruption. Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo
Head of Government of Mexico City

Infrastructure Innovation Summit

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Infrastructure Innovation Summit

This meeting brought together cross-sector leaders from across the US who are building their communities and cities back in ways that are healthier, safer, and more resilient. As federal funding for infrastructure began flowing to cities, Data-Smart City Solutions, with support from the Knight Foundation, brought together decision-makers, subject matter experts, and key thinkers to share their best ideas for equitable, sustainable, and intelligent infrastructure investment.

I was able to put together more actionable, focused goals and strategies that we would like to implement in our city. Tony Geara
Deputy Chief of Mobility Innovation for the City of Detroit

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Data-Smart City Solutions focuses on research at the intersection of government and data, ranging from open data and predictive analytics to civic engagement technology.

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