Evaluation and Impact Assessment Summer Associate

Project Description:

Reporting to the Evaluation and Impact Assessment Specialist, the Summer Associate will contribute to ongoing program evaluation and impact assessment data collection and analysis efforts. The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative is implementing an ongoing series of executive education courses for mayors and senior city officials. We want to understand how the programs are meeting their goals and potential opportunities for improvement. For programs on procurement, negotiation, and the mayor and senior leader in-person program, the Summer Associate will be responsible for analyzing program evaluation surveys, developing a report for an executive audience, and presenting the results with recommendations based on participant feedback. In addition, the Summer Associate will participate in, take notes, and synthesize impact interviews with senior city officials that participated in a program on civic engagement.

The Summer Associate will also participate in ongoing projects to document and catalog the impact of our programs in a centralized database, and compile reports summarizing the impact of engagement in the overall Bloomberg Harvard program.


Tasks and Deliverables:
  • Prepare survey data for analysis.
  • Conduct a response analysis.
  • Identify key findings from data through descriptive statistics and comparative analysis.
  • Build data visualizations to clearly communicate results.
  • Develop recommendations for program improvement based on findings.
  • Prepare and present executive level reports.
  • Take notes and synthesize key takeaways from interviews with city leaders.
  • Organize qualitative data in centralized repository and summary reports.


Desired Qualifications and Experience:
  • Interest in impact assessment
  • Experience analyzing and/or synthesizing survey data
  • Data visualization skills
  • Ability to use data to make targeted recommendations
  • Ability to think on a systems level while simultaneously maintaining attention to detail
  • Ability to concisely summarize large amounts of interview data
  • Interest in city government, executive education, and public sector leadership
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage time independently


Compensation: $21-$25/hour

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