Pia Agliati staff headshot

Pia Agliati

Senior Director, Executive Education

Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative



Pia is responsible for leading the executive education team in the execution and delivery of programs for mayors and their senior staff, whether in-residence or online. She is also responsible for the deployment of new programs and oversees the development of program agendas, support of faculty and participants, and management of participant logistics and communications.

Pia has over ten years of experience in executive education at Harvard Kennedy School, where she has worked in a variety of open enrollment and custom programs in the United States and internationally. She has worked with program participants from all corners of the world and across multiple sectors, including federal, state, and local government, defense, industry, and nonprofit.

Pia is a professional journalist with a strong background in corporate communications and education administration. She received her bachelor’s and professional degrees from Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile.

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