Keirstanne Coffman staff headshot

Keirstanne Coffman

Faculty and Executive Assistant

Bloomberg Center for Cities


Keirstanne is a faculty and executive assistant at The People Lab. She supports faculty director Elizabeth Linos and also handles a variety of administrative responsibilities.

Prior to coming to Harvard Kennedy School, Keirstanne was an operations manager for a chain of salons and spas. She has many years of teaching experience, customer service, and management experience. She particularly enjoys helping others achieve goals and accomplishments through hands-on management. Having worked for Aveda, she also has a great knowledge of natural and clean products and the large effect that the beauty industry has on the climate. She has organized several charitable events focused on climate issues and sustainability in the beauty industry, which she is passionate about.

In her free time, Keirstanne volunteers for youth programs across the state and always looks for additional volunteer opportunities. She enjoys spending time at home in Medford with her boyfriend and cat and loves to read!

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